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Haygain Steamer, a solution for effective hay steaming

Getting the Best out of Your Haygain Steamer: Troubleshooting Guide

The problems you may encounter:

  • Hay is not steamed or only partly steamed

  • Intermittent steam from the steam boiler

  • Long steaming cycles before the hay is properly steamed

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important, you should never pour cold water over a hot heating element. Always allow 5 minutes for the boiler to cool before removing the water fill cap and adding water.


When not in use, keep the steam boiler inside in a warm place (such as a heated tack room). After use, allow to cool, then disconnect hose from steam chest and drain hose. Steam hose should be kept straight when used (not wound around unit or coiled).

After use, disconnect steam hose from steam chest; tip the steam chest to enable condensation that is in the manifold, spikes and hoses to drain out of the brass connector on the end (or back) of the chest.

When first using in extremely cold temperatures keep the hose connected to the steamer and disconnect the hose from the chest and turn on the steamer separately to ensure the black steam hose is clear and free of any ice that could build up in the line. If there is no steam emitted from the hose within 15 to 20 minutes, the hose is not clear. Immediately turn the unit off and allow it to cool down for 5 minutes. Immerse steam hose in hot water and squeeze it to clear frozen water. Try again to see if steam is emitted from the hose.

Connect steam hose to chest. DO NOT PUT HAY IN. Check that steam is coming through the rubber hose, manifolds, and out through the spikes.

If not, immediately switch off and allow the boiler to cool down for 5 minutes.

Pour boiling water over spiked manifold and hoses. Squeeze rubber hose in steam chest as this should break up any ice in the hoses. Try again.

If one manifold is showing steam and not both (for the HG-2000 full bale HAYGAIN), squeeze the hoses in an attempt to get steam to come through the other manifold. Your goal is to break up / melt the ice that is in the steam hoses.


In freezing conditions hay can also be freezing (even dry hay has some moisture in it) and will take longer to treat. Water will take longer to heat up. Colder ambient temperatures will mean longer time to bring temperatures up to proper steaming levels.

Be patient in extraordinary cold circumstances. The horses are the ultimate beneficiary.

Descale your steam boiler regularly depending upon the hardness of your water every 4 weeks (minimum every 3 months), using Haygain Descaler packets, or a descale solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. Mix 2 quarts total of the solution, leave in overnight, pour out, then flush several times with clean water. Do not steam with the descale solution in the steam boiler. If you do not clean the scale from your steam boiler, scale will build inside the reservoir and steam output will be intermittent as the thermal cut-out will react as though the unit is overheating.

NEVER use any additives, like anti-freeze, with the water in your steam boiler.

We are here to help. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-307-0855 or info@haygain.us.


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