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Catching up with Haygain ambassador Georgie Spence

Catching up with Haygain ambassador Georgie Spence

Written by: Arabella Clegg

1.Tell us about your current string of horses.
I currently have an exciting string of horses, with Wii Limbo and Halltown Harley at 4* level. I also have a couple of horses at one and two star level that will aim to step up to 3* in 2019.

Then the next generation are my 4 and 5 year old who have just started eventing and are also looking very exciting. 

2. What is your biggest career highlight so far? 
It has to be winning my first CCI*** at Millstreet this year. I have also won the Austrian Nations Cup in 2017.  As well as those successes I have had 16 4* completions so far. 

3. How has the 2018 season been for you? 
I have had a great year, I think my best so far. Having lots of consistent results at all levels but the icing on the cake has to be winning Millstreet CCI*** and also competing in America for the first time, finishing 2nd by 0.1 in the CIC*** Nations Cup.

4. What will you plan to do over the winter with the horses you currently have? 
So the horses will have a bit of a holiday this winter after their last event, then it will be a case of bringing them back into work and doing some dressage and show jumping over the winter in preparation for the 2019 season.

5.What is your favourite event?
I don’t really have a favourite event, but I think Gatcombe and Barbury are definitely lovely to compete at.

6.What’s the one bit of kit you can’t live without? 
There is so much kit I couldn’t live without, each part of out equipment and team is equally as important but we have certainly found the Haygain to be an essential part of our equipment and day to day routine.

7.What is the best piece of advice you have been given? 
It is quite a simple but effective piece of advice, It is important to jump between the flags!

8.What got you into eventing? 

I originally show jumped, but got in to eventing when I was 15 and I absolutely loved it. I decided to stick at it and then left school and set it up as a business from there and I am lucky to have had so much support from family and amazing owners and sponsors. 

“Team Spence will be working closely with Haygain to ensure the horses stay happy and healthy. We have been using Haygain for nearly 2 years now so it’s great to receive advice and support from a company we already value so highly!” 

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