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Catching up with Haygain ambassador Tamie Smith

Catching up with Haygain ambassador Tamie Smith

Written by Kim F. Miller

Haygain ambassador Tamie Smith finished 1st, 2nd and 4th in the Galway Downs International Horse Trials 3* in California this past weekend. All tolled she rode seven horses in the CCI-3* and 4* divisions, while also coaching students at her Next Level Eventing program. We felt lucky to catch her for a quick update on how Haygain steamed hay is working out for her horses.

“All you have to do is look at steamed hay versus dusty, dirty, dry hay, and it’s a no brainer,” she told us. “You can see how much cleaner it is and we just feel it’s overall better for the horses’ respiratory systems.”

The top eventer first thought of steamed hay to help her hottest current horse, Wembley, get over his picky eater tendencies and keep weight on. It’s working well for the Badminton Horse Trials-bound star, and steamed hay is now a stable staple for all horses in Tamie’s Temecula, California program.

Although it made immediate sense to Tamie and her team, they also wanted to be sure about the nutrient content of the steamed hay by having before and after-steaming batches tested. “We heard some people say it takes the nutrients out, but it doesn’t. That’s what happens when you soak hay—all the nutrients drain out with the water. But the steamed hay nutritional content was good.”

Over the weekend, Tamie won the CCI3*-S aboard Mai Baum, reserve on Danito, and fourth on Fleeceworks Royal. She and Wembley were very much within reach of winning the CCI4*-S, except for a minor pilot error that led them off course. She’s otherwise very excited about Wembley’s readiness for the Badminton Horse Trials in May. After doing well at the Land Rover Kentucky last year, this uber-prestigious competition at the Badminton House was next on the wish list for Tamie and Wembley’s owners. “We really think he can be competitive there!”

Good luck Tamie!


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