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ComfortStall taking Switzerland by storm

ComfortStall taking Switzerland by storm

Here are some beautiful pictures from recent ComfortStall installations in Switzerland.

Top Show Jumper Martin Fuchs has recently become the next top rider to have ComfortStall fitted in his boxes.

Martin competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he finished 6th in the team and 9th in the individual competition.

Fuchs competed at the 2015 European Championships where he won a team bronze and placed 38th individually. He also participated at the 2015 edition of the Show Jumping World Cup final, finishing in 11th position.

Fuchs participated at the inaugural Summer Youth Olympics in 2010. With a European mixed team he won a team gold.

Martin uses only the highest quality products to keep his horses competing at the top level, he can now ensure they are in hygenically clean stables with reductions in dust and harmful ammonia as well as saving money on bedding

ComfortStall flooring system is made up of 3 components that each play a key part in achieving superior comfort and ultimate stable hygiene. 

ComfortStall proprietary orthopaedic padding
The heart of ComfortStall is the proprietary orthopedic Precision Foam padding that delivers the unique 'spring-in-your-step' anti-fatigue benefit. 

ComfortStall IronCladTM TopCover
The protective 'armour' of the ComfortStall flooring system is its IronClad TopCover. It is pliable enough to deliver the therapeutic benefits of the padding it protects, yet tough enough to outlast everything but concrete. 

HDPE Anchor Strips 
HDPE Anchor Strips hold the one-piece IronClad TopCover in place around all four stable walls, acting like baseboards. This creates an impermeable barrier to prevent urine and other undesirable moisture from seeping through to the sub-floor, making it extremely easy to clean, disinfect, swab, mop and even hose out.





Find out how ComfortStall works

ComfortStall is not just proving popular with world class riders, veterinary hospitals are also installing the flooring to ensure quick and easy disinfection between patients, excellent comfort for recovery and a low dust environment.This installation is at the Tierspital in Zurich. 

ComfortStall has also been recently fitted in the stables and wash down area on this beautiful yard in Lyss. See the benefits of ComfortStall.



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