FEI Ranked World No.1 Showjumper Martin Fuchs talks about Haygain

FEI Ranked World No.1 Showjumper Martin Fuchs talks about Haygain

It’s a good time to be Martin Fuchs. Previously World No. 2 on the Longines FEI World Rankings list, the Swiss rider has just been announced as World No. 1, ahead of his countryman Steve Guerdat! Martin was also just nominated for the annual best athlete award by the Fédération Equestre Internationale. 

With a father, Thomas Fuchs, and uncle, Markus Fuchs, both riding for Switzerland at the Olympic Games, it’s not surprising that Martin has inherited a love for the sport and the work ethic to get to the top.

The 27-year-old is the reigning European Champion, having ridden his superhorse Clooney 51 to the top of the individual rankings at the Longines FEI European Championships (the Netherlands) in August of 2019.

Clooney’s been his partner for a series of big results, including ninth at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, individual silver at the Tryon FEI World Equestrian Games (North Carolina) and second at the most recent Longines FEI World Cup Finals (Sweden). Not that Fuchs is an overnight sensation. He won the FEI European Young Rider Championship (Spain) at 21, three years after winning team gold at the Youth Olympic Games (Singapore). 

It's now [...] a year that I'm steaming my hay. I just like it for the horses, especially at the shows, there's a lot of dust always in the stables. So it's good to steam it so they don't have too much dust sucking, and I feel it in their breathing that it just helps them with the steamed hay.

Martin uses only the highest quality products to keep his horses competing at the top level.  In his desire for hay that’s consistently free of breathable irritants, no matter where he and his horses are in the world, Martin began using steamed hay for his horses.  

We caught up with Martin at Olympia, The London International Horse Show, where he talked about his use of steamed hay.

In addition, Martin just recently completed the installation of our ComfortStall orthopaedic flooring system in his barn located in Wängi, Switzerland.  

My best 7 horses have ComfortStall. They really like it and we are looking at doing the whole stable with it, just because it's a good product; they like to lay down, you can save some shavings, save some straw, and still they will be really comfortable in it.

Martin is thrilled to be able to ensure that his horses are in hygienically clean stables with reductions in dust and harmful ammonia as well as saving money on bedding. Listen to him talk about his satisfaction with this revolutionary flooring system, developed in conjunction with Cornell University. 

Haygain hay steamers are the only scientifically proven way to purify hay and eliminate respirable dust particles that cause inflammation. ComfortStall is our veterinarian recommended orthopaedic sealed flooring system that ensures healthier joints and improved air quality in the stable.  

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PHOTO CREDIT:  Our thanks to Mollie Bailey Photo for this great photo of Martin at the Longines Global Champions Tour of New York Martin Fuchs and Clooney 51 helped the London Knights claim the 2019 series title for the Global Champions League. 


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