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Introduction & Application of the Flexineb® E2

Introduction & Application of the Flexineb® E2

Written by: Sarah Spooner BBS MSc MMII

While the majority of horses have little to no issue accepting a nebulising mask for the first time, anxious horses might show some reluctance. This hesitation in accepting the mask is usually manifested by pulling the head up or backing away from the handler; Flexineb® is designed for ease of application on all horses – be they calm or anxious. In the latter cases, we recommend opening the Exit Valve fully to facilitate full breathing and expedite the horse’s willing acceptance of the mask. (Please note, it is recommended the Exit Valve is closed during treatment.)

The Flexineb® has been designed so the individual administering care can do so safely and quickly. For best results, walk the horse around the barn/stable block or yard to encourage deep breathing and relaxation during treatment.

Alternatively, treatment can also be administered - as outlined below - while other barn/grooming chores are completed:

Stables Aisle: For horses familiar with the Flexineb®, tie in cross ties or a single tie in the stable aisle. For horse and handler safety, ties should never be attached directly to the mask but instead to the halter only.

Stall/Stable Confinement: The horse can be treated safely, hand-held or tied.

Wash Bay: In wash bays with cross ties available, horses can safely be nebulised if post exercise washing is necessary. Please note, the Flexineb® E2 controller is NOT water proof.

Grooming/Tack Up Area: Treatment can be administered safely in grooming and tack up areas where a tie is available before or after exercise during (un)tacking and (un)booting.

Walker: Horses who have demonstrated consistent comfort and confidence with nebulisation might accept nebulisation treatment on a walker.

Horse Trailer: Horses can be nebulised before or after classes or competitions in a parked trailer.

Open Air Competitions: The Flexineb® E2 is completely cordless and battery operated and can therefore be used where “day-of” nebulisation is permitted. Competition safe solutions often include saline, Immuno San* & Silvaplex.

The aforementioned treatment scenarios have been safely practiced by owners, trainers and veterinarians around the globe. The Flexineb® offers complete portability and flexibility, allowing for treatment/administration for any schedule or routine.

Please note, horse and handler safety are both paramount. Like any treatment or procedure, ensure the horse is extremely comfortable with the Flexineb® E2 and provide adequate supervision during administration.

*Immuno San is FEI legal however requires 48 hours withdrawal for racing.



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