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Mid-season catch up with eventer Chelsea Pearce

Mid-season catch up with eventer Chelsea Pearce

Written by Arabella Clegg

1. How is the 2018 season going for you currently?
I had a slow start to the season with most of my events being cancelled due to the adverse weather. However, I was able to get an early run under my belt at Tweseldown, in March. Although it wasn’t quite the start we had hoped for, I was unseated from Albert VI in the Open Intermediate when leading. As frustrating as it was I was glad to get my first fall of the season out the way early and it certainly sharpened me up for the next few runs.

The horses have been producing some consistent top 10 placings so I am hoping they continue this good form for the rest of the season.
2. What has been your best result so far?
Djakota EB winning the CIC* at Brand Hall International at the beginning of June, that would definitely have to be my highlight so far. He led from start to finish, winning by a fair margin which made it even more memorable, and it certainly made the long journey back from Shropshire feel an awful lot shorter! 
Djakota EB is currently leading the Gatehouse 1* league, this is hugely exciting. He has gone to the top of the leaderboard after his result at Brand Hall and with a seventh place in the CIC* at Rockingham Castle International. 
3. Where are you headed for in the Autumn?
I plan to return to Hartpury International in mid August, which is one of my favourite Events of the year; Djakota EB will run in the CCI* and Kilnaboy Buffet in the CCI**.

Albert will step up to Advanced level, so he will be aimed at Gatcombe, Wellington and Little Downham. I am really excited to make the step up and feel that Albert is also ready for the challenge. ***UPDATE*** Albert had a great run at Gatcombe and him and Chelsea were placed 14th
Who are your stable stars currently?
I would say Djakota EB is proving to be very special. He will make the step up to Intermediate in the near future and is definitely one to keep an eye on. He doesn’t have a weak phase and is extremely talented. Of course with this he does however keep me on my toes and is a little cheeky! But I am looking forward to the rest of the season with him and seeing what other results we can produce.

5. Which Haygain product/s are you finding most useful at home and away at competitions?  
The Haygain HG2000 is in full swing at home, being used daily for the event horses and we also use them for the resting racehorses that we have with us on their summer holidays. We have been to four stay-away shows this season and the travel Haygain is an essential piece of equipment that we pack, it’s so easy to use outside the lorry and great that we can keep the horses on steamed haylage whether they are at home or away at a show.



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