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Three questions for U.S. jumping team alternate Beezie Madden

Three questions for U.S. jumping team alternate Beezie Madden

As a U.S. jumping team travelling reserve, superstar and Haygain steamed hay fan Beezie Madden won’t know until the very last minute whether she and Darry Lou will be called on for the September 19 start of jumping competition. But if the call comes, there’s no doubt the four-time Olympian and two-time World Cup Jumping Finals champion will be more than ready.

She has to be because getting that call is entirely possible. As of Sept. 10, two horse/rider pairs and one horse from the U.S. Team alternates roster had already gotten it.

Will Coleman and Tight Lines will fill in for Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous on the eventing squad and Gabe Hutchins and FM Shine N Tag Chex are stepping up in place of WEG veteran Tom McCutcheon and The Wizter on the reining team. On the dressage team, Steffen Peters’ alternate horse Suppenkasper will take the place of stablemate Rosamunde, with whom Steffen was named to the team. In each case, it was a minor horse health issue that triggered the substitutions. Happily, all are expected to recovery fully.

Haygain writer Kim F Miller caught up with Team Madden to find out what happens with Beezie and Darry Lou in this final countdown to their unique role in the FEI World Equestrian Games™.

Kim: Where have Beezie & Darry Lou been the final two weeks before show jumping starts?

Team Madden: Darry Lou is at home at our farm in Cazenovia, N.Y. He was with Beezie at the Hampton Classic Horse Show at the end of August. Then, Beezie traveled to Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Canada. (Where she and Brietling LS were members of the NetJets® U.S. Show Jumping teaming defending Nations Cup gold this past weekend.) Due to the long travel, Darry Lou went home to New York and will base there until the WEG.

Kim: Is Darry Lou’s routine any different than normal during this time before WEG?

Team Madden: It is very important that everything remains consistent and that he stays on his routine. He may have a lighter week and then do slightly more in the week prior to the WEG, as he normally would for a competition, but we make sure to do everything we can to keep everything the same in training so that there are no surprises and we maintain seamless consistent communications. Consistency in preparation = no surprises and being in the best possible position to be successful. He will arrive at Tryon on September 16.

Kim: As alternates, is there anything different about the preparation than there is for being a regular team member?

Team Madden: No, absolutely no difference. Beezie and Darry Lou have to be ready to step in at a moment’s notice and perform. So they both have to be ready for the call and will be there if Team USA needs them.

Keep up with Beezie and her team by following them on social media


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