Horses Love Steamed Hay

Did you know....

A study* showed that steamed hay, once tasted, was the first choice over soaked or dry hay, and consumed significantly more - 4.7 times that of dry hay!

Other benefits?

Hay is clean from bacteria, mould, fungal spores and mites that can cause inflammation
Rehydrates the hay making it softer for older horses
• Is highly effective in reducing Inflammatory Airway Disease (a recent study** showed prevalence in 84% of horses and steaming hay reduced the occurance by 63%!

*Moore-Colyer, M.J.S. and Payne, V. (2012)
**American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, June 2016, “The Prevalence of Fungi in Respiratory Samples of Horses with Inflammatory Airway Disease” by Dr. J Dauvillier and Dr. E Westergren. Journées de la Recherche Equine, March 2017, « Fréquence des moisissures dans les prélèvements respiratoires des chevaux atteints d'IAD » by Dr. J Dauvillier and Dr. E Westergren

Watch our video to find out more about IAD

What people say

"We’ve been using the Haygain Steamer for just over a month and It’s made ours and the horses lives so much better. The coughs have disappeared and they are all so much healthier eating steamed (hay) and we’re not wasting so much as they love it!" Caroline W.

"I love my Haygain I have always said it is the one item on the yard that we just can't do with out in fact we have just bought our second" Rebecca B.

"Excellent - would recommend to anyone, I bought my steamer to tempt my fussy mare into eating the hay I had. It was perfectly edible, but was made a few summers ago, so didn't smell as tempting as it once did ... now she's eating two full slices of my older hay, steamed, and her stable is tidy." Tamsin R.