Does your Horse have Laminitis?

Did you know....

Some of the causes of laminitis include: obesity, elevated blood sugars (from overconsumption of starch and sugars) and standing on hard ground for extended periods (referred limb lameness).

How does it show itself?

The condition occurs when the blood flow to the laminae is altered. This can lead to the death of laminae cells. Once this occurs their ability to support the pedal bone is compromised, at which point the pedal bone may detach from the hoof wall.

How can Haygain help?

As part of a wider treatment programme (which includes box rest and cryotherapy) Haygain can help in two main ways:

Restricted grazing: Feeding hay with a water soluble carbohydrate (WSC) content of less than 10%. This can be achieved by soaking the hay followed by steaming with a Haygain hay steamer (to remove the bacteria). Then feed through a Haygain Forager slow feeder to trickle feed and reduce the impact of the remaining WSC.

Support to the foot: Installing Haygain's ComfortStall orthapaedic flooring system will provide more comfort when standing and encourage the horse to lie down and rest properly. Prolonged stabling can also challenge the respiratory tract. It is important to maintain good ventilation and a low dust environment - steaming hay with a Haygain hay steamer can help achieve this by reducing exposure to respirable dust by killing mould, bacteria, fungal spores and mite faeces.

What people say

"Significantly improved the well-being of my horses" Lynn Lloyd, Red Rock Hounds.

"I used to haul the mats out, hose them down, and leave them out to dry - a half day job....[ComfortStall] only takes half an hour to sterilize, and I don't have the dried urine and manure buildup that occurs under mats." Chari Perce, Aspen Equine Clinic.

"Bretina has had her ComfortStall system for over 10 years and what a difference it has made. We highly recommend ComfortStall for all performance horse's stall and trailer floors!" Bob and Debbie McDonald, Olympic Dessage.

"I had mine installed 13 years ago. It is the best product I have bought for my horses." Edwina Roberts.