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Solutions to the health challenges that come with modern horse management 

Domestication of horses can sometimes lead to health problems. Horses were designed to live in the wild, but most don’t live that way today. With that come many health challenges that Haygain’s products help resolve. 

For example, stabled horses are exposed to a dangerous quantity of respirable particles; most horses are fed on a schedule that’s convenient, but not necessarily healthy; and many spend much of their day on surfaces that are not ideal for respiratory function, joint health or getting good rest. 

  • A range of stable equipment used and endorsed by Olympic teams, vets and champion riders worldwide. 

  • Benefits confirmed in peer reviewed scientific and veterinarian publications. 

  • Products recommended by world leading veterinarians, universities and riders. 

  • Better health of your horse. 

  • Equipment backed by years of scientific research. 

  • Support optimum performance. 

To address these horse health challenges, our range of stable equipment includes: 

The Forager Slow Feeder enables horses to eat as they would in nature, slowly and with their head lowered. It provides a constant supply of forage for better digestive health and is designed to help prevent boredom, obesity, gastric ulcers and hay waste. 

High Temperature Hay Steamers’ patented technology reduces up to 99% of the respirable particles commonly found in hay – critical to protecting equine respiratory health. 

ComfortStall Sealed Orthopedic Flooring helps improve joint health and promotes deep rest. It reduces labor, bedding and muck removal costs.

All of these benefits contribute to horses’ optimum health, performance and overall well-being.

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Why choose Haygain? 

Haygain is a rapidly growing international horse health company dedicated to helping owners help their horses. Our equipment is designed to address the horse health challenges that come with modern equine management. 

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