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Non Shrinking Hay Net

Non Shrinking Hay Net

Suitable for steaming in all Haygain models.
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Non Shrinking Hay Net

Regular price £21.00
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Available in two sizes, standard or large.

Haygain hay nets are made in the UK from infra-red, strong fixed-knot materials which are protected against UVA-rot and are resistant to ammonia for durable and long lasting use.

These specially designed Haygain hay nets have the ability to withstand temperatures of more than 100°C and are suitable for steaming in all Haygain models. 

Our haynets are great for easily removing steamed hay from the Haygain units but for feeding we recommend the Haygain Forager to promote a natural head and neck position.


Size of Standard Haynet: 150cm/59" diameter, 18 knotts across. Hole size (diagonal): 11.5cm/4.5" length

Size of Large Haynet: 185cm/72" diameter, 24 knotts across. Hole size (diagonal): 11.5cm/4.5" length

Netting and twine: Polyethylene

Ring: Nylon


Horses were meant to live in the wild.

They don't.

Our practical, science-backed equipment addresses the equine health challenges that come with modern equine management.

As herd animals, horses have physical, psychological and behavioural needs that are difficult to fulfil in domesticated life.

Equine veterinarians, nutrition and behavioural experts, scientists and -- above all -- true horse people contribute to the design, manufacture and
evolution of Haygain's products.

We are proud to help you help your horse. And to help horses live healthy, happy lives.


Haygain Hay Steamers offer a powerful solution for equine health and nutrition. Effective in reducing airborne respirable dust by up to 99%, eliminating mold, fungal spores, bacteria, and yeast that trigger asthma and chronic respiratory inflammation.

Haygain Hay Steamers also reduce the risk of Inflammatory Airway Disease by 65%, all while preserving hay's nutrition and digestibility.


Haygain Hay Steamers are engineered for maximum efficiency in hay steaming. With the capability to reach temperatures exceeding 100°C, they effectively eradicate mold, fungi, yeast, and bacteria, while also reducing respirable dust particles by up to 99%.

The Patented Manifold design, featuring a deltoid configuration, ensures uniform distribution of high-temperature steam throughout the entire hay bale, steaming it from the inside out. This innovative approach, combined with the use of aluminium materials for the manifold, elevates the chest's temperature, enhancing the unit's overall efficiency and effectiveness.


My horse does not cough and appears healthy – do I need a Haygain?

Exposure to respirable particles such as mould spores and bacteria can induce allergic responses and develop a hypersensitivity reaction in the horse. Even the best quality hays are high in respirable particles. These particles form the “dust” that you cannot see (they are less than 5 µm in size), and have a 50% chance of being inhaled deep into the lungs, causing the respiratory disorder Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO). Minimising the amount of “dust” your horse is subjected to will help to prevent respiratory problems.

My horse has COPD/RAO/Heaves can I feed Haygain steamed hay?

Yes, absolutely! Respiratory diseases can be effectively managed by minimising respirable dust, mould spores and bacteria in the horse’s environment, particularly those in the horse’s breathing zone. Since hay contains high concentrations of these and the horse’s nose is in the hay while it is eating, it is vitally important to reduce this source of dust by steaming the hay.

Will my horse stop coughing?

Results are often reported within days of using the Haygain but do depend on the individual horse, the cause of the cough and other environmental factors. For example, if you change to feeding Haygain steamed hay but the horse remains on a dusty straw bed, while you will probably see some improvement it will be compromised by the other source of respirable dust. Equally, if you make changes to your horse’s feeding and management regime but the horses stabled either side, sharing the same air space have dry hay and straw bed then again the improvement may not be as marked.

What is the difference between soaking and steaming?

Soaking hay will dampen the spores down and make them swell so they are less likely to be inhaled. With steaming the combination of the heat and the moisture actually kills the spores, eliminating the allergenic respirable particles.

What makes Haygain stand apart from other hay steamers

Haygain is the only scientifically proven system to kill mould spores including Aspergillus, as well as bacteria and dust mites. The nutritional value and goodness are maintained with improved palatability. 

How much does Haygain cost to run?

The running costs are minimal and you will use considerably less water compared to soaking. The HG2000 uses 2.75Kw and HG600 uses 2.3kW electricity per hour, whilst the HG-ONE uses less at 1.5Kw. Electricity costs vary between utility companies but typically are between 7-18p per kW hour. To work out exactly how much it costs you, find out from one of your electricity bills how many pence per Kw hour your rate is and then multiply that number by either 2.75, 2.3 or 1.5 depending on which model in the range you have and this will give you the electricity cost per cycle. For example, if you are using an HG2000 and paying 10 pence per Kw hour it will cost 27.5p per hour.

How much water will be used?

The hay will absorb and therefore hydrate bringing it back towards its original moisture content, approximately 15+% of its original weight but the hay is neither soggy or heavy. The HG-PB (HG2000/HG600) will actually use about 4 ½ litres of water per cycle, some will be absorbed by the hay, some will be released as steam when you open the lid and some will be the residue of on average a tea-cup amount of water (condensed steam) which remains from each steam cycle and drains out of the drain hole in the bottom of the hay chest.

Does the outside of the container get hot?

All of the Haygain range are made from composite materials with highly efficient thermal properties so although the inside of the container can reach over 100 degrees C the outside is just warm to touch. Therefore, Haygain hay steamers are environmentally friendly and energy saving. 

Can I steam haylage?

Absolutely! Haygain will improve the hygienic quality of any forage. Scientific studies have also shown it will increase the shelf life of haylage by up to 4 days.

Once steamed, how long before you feed the hay and how long does it last?

The hay is very hot when you first take it out and should be handled with care but it cools very quickly once in the air and can be fed immediately. It is best fed while it is warm and steamy and it would appear most horses prefer it like this but otherwise should be used within 24 hours. 

What does steamed hay look and feel like?

Steamed hay is totally different to soaked hay and is damp rather than wet. The treatment is not about how wet it is but how hot it is. You will find the hay in the middle of the bale/ hay net will be quite dry. This is because when the steam comes out of the spikes it is at it’s hottest. As the steam travels through the hay and meets the plastic lid it will cool slightly, condense to water and drop back on to the hay. This results in the outside of the hay being wetter than the inside.

Does it matter if the hay dries out?

It is best fed while it is warm, straight out of the Haygain but you will find it cools and dries rapidly as soon as the air gets to it. This has no effect on the hygienic quality or palatability. We recommend feeding the hay within 24 hours to prevent contamination from environmental sources.

There is sometimes a little bit of water coming out of the drain hole in the chest during the steaming cycle. What do you recommend? 

That is normal – it is usually condensation that collects under the lid during steaming. We recommend using a sturdy kitchen or garden tray under the drain hole(s) to catch this water. 

The Forager Slow Feeder


Extended Meal Times

The regulator grid allows your horse to eat slowly, in small bites over several hours - as they would while grazing. Support healthy digestion and keep your horse happily occupied.


Lowered Head Position

Allows drainage of particles from the upper respiratory tract and supports the natural alignment of the head, neck and spine.


Less Forager Waste

Sturdy cylinder contains hay to prevent waste and contamination. The Forager can be secured to the wall and base filled with sand for extra stability.

  • Haygain HG ONE

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    Easily portable - ideal for travel


    1.5 kW steam generator, 3.5 litre capacity


    60 minutes


    D 565mm x H 737mm
  • Haygain HG 600

    Regular price £1,950.00
    Regular price Sale price £1,950.00

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    Easy open lid, wheels and pop-up handle


    2.3 kW steam generator, 8 liters capacity


    60 minutes


    L 589 mm x B 560 mm x H 585 mm
  • Haygain HG 2000

    Regular price £2,780.00
    Regular price Sale price £2,780.00

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    Easy open lid, wheels and handle


    2.75 kW steam generator, 8 liters capacity


    60 minutes


    L 1449 mm x B 815 mm x H 750 mm

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