Musculoskeletal Health 

  • The complex and delicate musculoskeletal system of the horse, conformation abnormalities and horses' natural flight instinct means that horses are very prone to injury and lameness.  

  • ComfortStall's orthopedic padded flooring absorbs shock and provides cushioned anti fatigue support to joints, tendons and ligaments thereby helping to prevent and manage musculoskeletal health issues. 

  • ComfortStall is used and recommended for musculoskeletal health by internationally renowned veterinarians, professional riders, horse owners and trainers. 


  • Hock Sores  

  • Injury from casting 

  • Joint strain from box walking or weaving 

  • Injury to unsettled horses such as mares in season or stallions 

  • Injury to horses on stable rest 

Ashley Holzer


Olympic Showjumper

"His hocksores have completely disappeared and he comes out raring to go"


  • Joint stiffness  

  • Joint inflammation and mild joint pain  

  • Ligament and tendondamage 

  • Hoof pain, abscess and thin soles

  • Mild/early laminitis

Mark Silverman

Sporthorse Veterinary Services 

"Whenever you can dampen the concussion on the entire skeleton, that’s good. The overall cushioning is good for all horses and especially those with sore feet, thin soles or other issues."  


  • Acute lameness  

  • Traumatic injury /Recovery from Surgery

  • Hoof Founder 

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Conformation defects

  • Kissing spine

Chari Perce

Aspen Equine Clinic, CA

"We stabled a foundered horse on the ComfortStall. He was a big gelding and was up and down a lot; he didn’t develop any pressure sores.” 

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The Benefits of ComfortStall

Musculoskeletal Health is just one of the many benefits of ComfortStall Flooring System. This surface offers respiratory health benefits, rest and recovery and savings and efficiency.