Rest and Recovery 

  • Horses need to feel safe in their environment and comfortable enough in order to fully relax and get the all important REM sleep, both are essential for mental and physical health.

  • From the orthopedic foam to the thermal anti-slip properties of ComfortStall, this surface provides horses everything they need to rest and recover.

  • ComfortStall is used and recommended for rest and recovery by internationally renowned veterinarians, professional riders, horse owners and trainers.

How do horses rest?

1.Horses can rest while standing but they need an average of 60 minutes of Rem sleep every 24 hours. Horses only fall in REM sleep when lying down or in sternal recumbency (with the nose resting on the floor). 

2.Young and older horses require more rest and REM sleep and it is increasingly recognised as one of the key elements of performance and trainability in the horse. 

2. Researches Burla et al observed that horses on traditional rubber mats rarely laid down and did so for less than 30 minutes - only getting half of the REM sleep that is required. 

3. It is essential that horses rest following strenuous exercise to help prevent injury to muscles and other tissues/structures. 


4. For horses on rehabilitation due to injury or surgery, box rest is an essential part of recovery and horses are often constrained for the stable for several months at a time. 

How can ComfortStall help?

1. The padded shock absorbing anti fatigue design of ComfortStall provides a safe and comfortable environment for horses to lie down more frequently and get the 60 minutes of REM sleep they need each day. 

2. ComfortStall is ideal for horses on box rest because of injury, lameness, surgery or laminitis. The anti-slip yielding properties of the surface gives horses the purchase they need to get up and down without hurting themselves or affecting their recovery. 

3. ComfortStall has thermal properties which offer protection from extreme cold and high temperatures which is particularly helpful for senior horses who may not be able to regulate their body temperature as well as they use to. 

4. This flooring system also offers a better stable atmosphere due to its sound reducing properties which will help highly sensitive horses to 'zone out' 'switch off' and rest effectively. 

"When we come onto the yard, horses we never see sleeping are lying down comfortably in their stalls! "  

Carly, Deeridge Farm Manager

Home of Palm Beach Master Series, Florida

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The Benefits of ComfortStall

Rest and Recovery are just two of the many benefits of ComfortStall Flooring System. This surface offers respiratory health benefits, rest and recovery and savings and efficiency.