Savings and Efficiency 

  • As all horse owners will know, owning and competing is time consuming and one of the most expensive pass times you can do. But let's face it, it is also one of the best!

  • Installing ComfortStall in your barn is an effective way to increase efficiency and reduce stable costs.

  • ComfortStall is used and recommended for making your barn more efficient by internationally renowned veterinarians, professional riders, horse owners and trainers.

Let ComfortStall pay for itself in just over a year

ComfortStall’s built-in cushion means you don’t need bedding for cushion – only enough bedding to absorb and remove urine is required. That can result in substantial savings in shavings, labour and removal costs.

ComfortStall does not need to be maintained, it's fully sealed so no need to drag those heavy stable mats outside to clean under them and remove all the bedding that has fallen through the gaps. 

"My best 7 horses have ComfortStall. They really like it and we are looking at doing the whole yar with it, just because it's a good product; they like to lay down, you can save some shavings, save some straw, and still they will be really comfortable in it."  

Martin Fuchs

FEI Ranked #1 Showjumping 

January 2020 

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The Benefits of ComfortStall

Providing savings and efficiency are just two of the many benefits of ComfortStall Flooring System. This surface offers respiratory health benefits, rest and recovery and savings and efficiency.